My heart's desire is that in this website you will meet one who will become your closest friend. He is Jesus, the carpenter, the healer from Nazareth.

A carpenter. A man who, with his hands, had built things of wood. A man who knew how to create strong, good, and usable things.

A healer. An itinerate preacher who gained national fame because he could heal people, turn water into wine, cast out demons, make the blind see, and change lives.

Yet, he was despised and rejected, feared by both the political and religious leaders of his time, just as Isaiah had prophesied. And, the people, too, turned their backs on him. The same crowds that had thronged around him to see the miracles he did gathered in the streets of Jerusalem to scream for his death. What a sad commentary on mankind that we seem compelled to destroy what is good and beautiful because we don't measure up and, therefore, can't bear the sight of it.

And, so, he died. He died an agonizing death, nailed to a cross on a hill called Golgotha. Can you imagine what that was like? It is a death of slow suffocation as gravity pulls all your organs downward and your lungs can no longer lift to fill with air. Imagine having your arms extended outward and nails driven through the palms so that all your weight hung on them when you were lifted up on the cross. What pain there must have been in those arms and shoulders as the day wore on.

He had done nothing for which he deserved to die. He was the only one of us who ever, even though tempted in all the ways we are, managed to live a perfect, blameless life. He bore all this because he had been convicted of all the wrongs all of us ever did. Even then, he asked for forgiveness for those who had done this because he knew they just didn't understand.

From the moment I was first challenged to write the words for this site, this page has lain in the back of my mind, demanding life, yet refusing to be put into words. I turned, at last, to the scriptures that spoke to my heart when God and I were looking for each other. I recommend them to you. It is the six chapters in the Book of Isaiah that begin with 53:1.

They start by telling us about this Son of God and what his life would be like and they warn us of his death because the sin of all of us would be charged to him.

They go on to tell us that we will not be rebuked, rejected or shamed; that we might have felt that God was far away or hard to reach, but that was only a moment that would pass and He would make an everlasting covenant with us.

They cry out for everyone who is afflicted, tossed about by storms, and unable find comfort to come. Come, they say, if you are thirsty for something you can't find. Come, even though you have nothing to offer. Come and drink freely. "My thoughts aren't your thoughts, and my ways are not your ways," God says. He will not be held captive by our concepts of unworthiness. The death of Jesus made us worthy and there is nothing we have to bring to gain admission to where he is.

He says he'll give us a new name, a name better then son or daughter. He says his hand is not shortened, that it cannot reach out to save anyone who asks.

Then, the verses sing with the joy of finding the Lord. They say you'll be lit up like bright morning. They say your health will increase. They say you'll bloom "like a watered garden." They say the glory of the Lord will surround you and when enemies try to pour in like a flood, he will lift up a standard and do battle.

Someday Jesus is coming back to earth. This time, he'll appear as the king he is, in great power and glory, and there will be waiting for him a multitude of people who have longed to see his return. As they wait here now, they already have one foot in heaven. They have a friend from the other side of the river, who is there every minute of every day, watching over them, giving them peaceful assurance of his presence and his plan for their lives, and helping them through every rough spot in the journey. They are joint travelers on a road of great adventure and there, if you wait another moment to meet him, is what you will miss. Come. Meet Jesus. Join us on the road of great adventure. Find a peace and happiness you never dreamed could exist. Be surrounded by the glory of the Lord.

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